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Working Together

  • Checkmate!

    Posted by Leah Torres at 12/2/2015

    Chess Club Since October, students at Wood Middle School have been learning how to play competitive chess. They meet once a week to learn the rules and strategy of play. One sixth grade student said he joined the club because his brother learned how to play at Lowrie Primary School, and he was instrigued by the game. At the club's first meeting, he was already learning how to gain an advantage. "The first thing we learned was how to take down an opponent in two moves. That was amazing! I'd never learned anything like that!" After Thanksgiving, players were introduced to the game clocks. "You have to finish a game in five minutes, so you really have to think fast! That's the best part. It's exciting to have to move fast and still make a good move." A huge "thank you" goes out to the Wilsonvile Rotary for starting and supporting the chess club at IWMS, and to our volunteer coaches who are teaching a lifelong love of the game!

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  • Challenge Accepted!

    Posted by Leah Torres at 10/30/2015

    Ropes Course Seventh graders at Wood Middle School recently participated in a ropes challenge course to learn about grit, perseverance, and team work. Students harnessed themselves to safety wires, and with the help of experienced guides, climbed, crawled, and jumped through the trees and around obstacles as they learned about facing their fears, collaborating, and supporting each other. One boy wrote about his experience, "It was one of the scariest things I have ever done in a long time." As he paused and prepared to leap from a climbing pole, he heard his fellow students encouraging him from below. That gave him the courage he needed. "It felt like I was flying. It was one of the best feelings in the world. My whole team cheered as I was lowered to the ground." The ropes course kicks off a year of teambuilding and community service that will be the focus of 7th grade character development at Wood Middle School. 

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  • Making Learning Visible

    Posted by Leah Torres at 10/12/2015

    Fall Conferences Students at Inza R. Wood Middle School know how to show evidence of their learning. For years, they have engaged in student-led conferences. These meetings give them the opportunity to discuss their academic progress with their families by showing samples of their work related to the learning targets in their classes. Teachers stop by to meet family members and answer any questions, but the power of middle school conferences lies in the students' ability to articulate where they are headed, where they are now, and how they plan to move forward.

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  • Geographers in Action

    Posted by Leah Torres at 9/18/2015

    makerspace If you wandered through the southwest porch at Wood Middle School today, you most likely saw seventh grade social scientists working in teams and using their mapping skills and their knowledge of the five themes of geography to create "The Eighth Continent". The porches at Wood Middle School have been redesigned to include "makerspace" tables -- places that give students options for gathering around a project and moving around to build, create, and engineer solutions to a question or problem.

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  • Making New Friends at Girls Night Out

    Posted by Leah Torres at 9/11/2015

    GNO Every Fall, sixth grade girls have a fun and festive opportunity to meet new friends and build community as they enter middle school. Girls Night Out is a tradition at Wood Middle School that kicks off a year of new experiences and lasting friendships. Thanks to many parent volunteers, and with the help of our Wood Ambassadors, the sixth graders at Wood Middle School play charades, dress up in the photo booth, eat pizza, and make art for their lockers -- all while getting to know each other. It's an evening of merriment that invites our sixth graders into our close and caring community of learners. One student claimed, "This is the best Girls Night Out ever!" Thank you to our PTSA and parent volunteers for hosting this important event in our students' lives.

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  • School Registration for 2015-16

    Posted by Leah Torres at 7/2/2015

    Wood Entrance

    Do you need to register for the 2015-16 school year? Please stop by our office between 8:00 am and 3:30 pm to complete registration paperwork. You can also print a registration packet at the link below, and drop it off at the office.  Welcome to Wood!
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  • Visiting Author

    Posted by Leah Torres at 1/16/2015
    author visit On Wednesday, January 14th, Wendelin Van Draanen, author of the Wood Reads book "The Running Dream," visited the school to share her experiences as a writer. Throughout the day, students in every grade attended assemblies hosted by Mrs. Van Draanen and heard her speak about becoming a writer, the persistence it required, and her inspiration for writing "The Running Dream". Students eagerly waited to ask questions about the writing process and have their books signed by the author. The next day, Mrs. Van Draanen conducted three writing workshops. Selected students practiced specific writing techniques to develop characters and detail in their writing. The students, staff, and community greatly enjoyed her visit.
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  • Wood Students Compete in Lego Robotics Tournament

    Posted by Leah Torres at 1/14/2015
    Lego Robotics Team Since the beginning of the school year, five teams of students worked together twice a week after school to prepare for the Lego FIRST Robotics Tournament in December. A diverse group of students represented Wood Middle School at the Mentor Graphics qualifying tournament, where their robots competed to perform a variety of tasks on an obstacle course. In the process of building and programming their robots, students learned how to work together as a team and solve problems in an environment of friendly competition.
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  • Wood Math Teacher Recognized as Outstanding Cooperating Teacher

    Posted by Leah Torres at 10/20/2014

    Schnell award Last Thursday, Ms. Kembell Schnell received the 2014 Oregon Middle Level Consortium Outstanding Cooperating Teacher Award for her dedication to both students and future teachers. The Middle Level Consortium, educators who meet to advocate for excellence in middle level teacher preparation, has the privilege each year of recognizing an outstanding middle level teacher.  The recipient is someone who not only brings excellent teaching to students in her or his care but also provides exceptional experiences for teachers in training.


    In the nomination process this year, Ms. Schnell was described as an outstanding cooperating teacher whose practices include “a range of instructional strategies for supporting students in learning to articulate and justify their thinking.” It was noted that her classroom environment values students because she “understands the power of relationships.” Additionally, she mentors teacher candidates in a positive and safe atmosphere that fosters growth. University supervisors note that Ms. Schell is determined to bring out the best in a pre-service teachers.

    Congratulations, Ms. Schnell! 
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  • 8th Grade Visits CREST Farm as Part of Wellness Curriculum

    Posted by Leah Torres at 10/13/2014
    CREST field trip As part of their Wellness class at Wood Middle School, 8th grade students visited the CREST farm in Wilsonville. "This field trip is about helping students think about getting our food closer to the source," said Wellness teacher Sarah Coffman. "Our broader curriculum focuses on making life-long decisions about your health, whether that's selecting the foods you eat or learning a new physical activity that you can continue throughout your life." On the field trip, students used a vintage apple press to make fresh cider, learned the science behind composting, and taste-tested vegetables fresh from the field.
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