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  • Wood Math Teacher Recognized as Outstanding Cooperating Teacher

    Posted by Leah Torres at 10/20/2014

    Schnell award Last Thursday, Ms. Kembell Schnell received the 2014 Oregon Middle Level Consortium Outstanding Cooperating Teacher Award for her dedication to both students and future teachers. The Middle Level Consortium, educators who meet to advocate for excellence in middle level teacher preparation, has the privilege each year of recognizing an outstanding middle level teacher.  The recipient is someone who not only brings excellent teaching to students in her or his care but also provides exceptional experiences for teachers in training.


    In the nomination process this year, Ms. Schnell was described as an outstanding cooperating teacher whose practices include “a range of instructional strategies for supporting students in learning to articulate and justify their thinking.” It was noted that her classroom environment values students because she “understands the power of relationships.” Additionally, she mentors teacher candidates in a positive and safe atmosphere that fosters growth. University supervisors note that Ms. Schell is determined to bring out the best in a pre-service teachers.

    Congratulations, Ms. Schnell! 
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  • 8th Grade Visits CREST Farm as Part of Wellness Curriculum

    Posted by Leah Torres at 10/13/2014
    CREST field trip As part of their Wellness class at Wood Middle School, 8th grade students visited the CREST farm in Wilsonville. "This field trip is about helping students think about getting our food closer to the source," said Wellness teacher Sarah Coffman. "Our broader curriculum focuses on making life-long decisions about your health, whether that's selecting the foods you eat or learning a new physical activity that you can continue throughout your life." On the field trip, students used a vintage apple press to make fresh cider, learned the science behind composting, and taste-tested vegetables fresh from the field.
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  • Engineering Great Learning Opportunities

    Posted by Wood Staff at 9/12/2014
    Math academy
    "Every bridge begins in the mind of an engineer."
    In Laura Flosi's math academy class, students are learning how real engineers apply mathematical concepts when designing bridges. The students began by working in small groups and using their background knowledge to design and construct bridges using manila file folders.  They tested the weight-bearing capacity of their bridges and reflected on what they observed. By the end of the course, students will learn and apply authentic engineering design processes to develop, build, and test a model of a truss bridge.
    The curriculum was developed by Stephen Ressler, a West Point Academy engineering professor who realized that bridge design activities for secondary school students, although very popular, often left out the math because it was assumed that "engineering is interesting, but the math behind it is too hard to understand". Through his curriculum, he strives to send a different message to students: "engineering is interesting, and the math behind it is challenging but achievable."
     "I see our eighth graders applying real mathematical and scientific principles to the things they see every day in their world," Flosi said. "I also see them practicing how to be precise in their work and how to be precise in communicating about their work. That's exciting!"
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  • Jr. Scoop Kicks Off Another Year!

    Posted by Wood Staff at 9/9/2014
    Jr. Scoop Meeting
    Jr. Scoop began their first meeting of the new school year by sampling their latest creation, Triple Crown Blackberry Crisp ice cream. "The name comes from the type of blackberries we use in this flavor," explained Jordon Scoggins, Wellness teacher and Jr. Scoop advisor.
    Jr. Scoop is an ice cream company run by 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students at Wood Middle School who learn the skills to be successful entrepreneurs and business people. Jr. Scoop produces high-quality, artisan ice cream while also providing opportunities for students to volunteer their time and build a culture and reputation for giving back to the community.
    "Our first meeting was just an opportunity to catch up on the newest news and talk about the direction of the club this year and to welcome some new faces," said Scoggins. 
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  • On August 13th Welcome Our New Principal and Assistant Principal!

    Posted by Wood Staff at 8/9/2014
     Principal and Assistant Principal  Please join us for an informal meet and greet with our new Principal, Jim Severson, and our new Assistant Principal, Leah Torres. We invite all Wood families and community members to drop by Wood Middle School between 5:00 and 7:00 PM on Wednesday, August 13 to welcome Jim and Leah to the Wood community. Refreshments will be provided by the PTSA. We hope to see you there!
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  • Congratulations and Thanks to Mrs. Soisson for Years of Service to Wood

    Posted by Wood Staff at 7/8/2014
    Congratulations Mrs. Soisson After 11 years as principal at Wood Middle School, Barb Soisson will be starting a new position as the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Research in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District. Mrs. Soisson's dedication to the Wood community will be deeply missed. She set a great example for students by the way she always worked hard to learn new things and take care of the people around her. Students, teachers and parents appreciate the way Mrs. Soisson focused on building Wood Middle School into a place where all students have the opportunity and expectation to succeed.
    The district will conduct a thorough search for a new principal to continue the great work that Mrs. Soisson has done at Wood. They anticipate hiring a new principal by the end of July.
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  • Engineering Students Share Prototypes with Local Designer

    Posted by Josh Flosi at 6/6/2014

    Wood Engineering Students Students in Mrs. Jones's Engineering Design academy have been working on designing and prototyping multi-use buildings for the Wilsonville area. The project required students to consider energy-efficiency, weight-bearing, and wind stability in addition to practical functional aspects of the building, like the location of staircases and windows.

    After working with materials including popsicle sticks, cardboard, foam core, cellophane and hot glue guns, students presented their structures to David Collins of architectural-prototypes.com. Mr. Collins asked questions about their engineering and design principles, and gave constructive advice for future architectural designs.

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  • Students Build Solar Ovens to Melt Cheese, Fry Eggs, Make S'Mores

    Posted by Josh Flosi at 6/3/2014
    Solar Oven
    Students in Ms. Kurth's 7th grade science class took advantage of the lovely spring weather by designing and building solar ovens. Students used their knowledge of electromagnetic radiation and engineering practices to create devices that could melt cheese, fry eggs and even make s'mores (which they generously shared with their classmates and visitors).
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  • Wood Students Place 2nd in National Congressional Hearings Competition

    Posted by Josh Flosi at 5/5/2014

    Wood Students Place Second in Congressional Hearings Thirty students from Mr. Bell and Ms. Koller's 8th grade social studies classes went to Washington, DC to compete in the national Congressional Hearings competition organized by the Center for Civic Education. The competition, known as We the People - The Citizen and the Constitution, involved teams of students engaging in presentations and discussions with a panel of expert judges. The Wood Middle School team placed 2nd in the national competition for the second year in a row!

    Beginning in January, students met 3-4 times a week before and after school to prepare for the national competition. The students are also part of an Social Studies Extension Academy class this semester. Working with volunteer coaches, students studied the Constitution, Bill of Rights, major Supreme Court cases, and their connections to current events. The hard work and dedication to their team paid off with great success!

    Topics that students studied and presented included:

    1. What were the Founders' basic ideas about government?
    2. What shaped the Founders' thinking about government?
    3. What happened at the Philadelphia convention?
    4. How was the Constitution used to establish our government?
    5. How does the Constitution protect our basic rights?
    6. What are the responsibilities of citizens?

    Teams were scored on criteria including Understanding, Constitutional Application, Reasoning, Supporting Evidence, Responsiveness and Participation.

    When not competing, students visited important historical and cultural sites around the nation's capital, including the House of Representatives, Arlington National Cemetery, the Supreme Court, and the Library of Congress.

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